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I have been really pleased with my experience at Vitaus! It's nice to have a small, intimate space where I can bring my kids when I have questions, instead of a large place with more patients (and more germs!). I also love that I can see a medical doctor and a chiropractor in one place, and even take care of some wrinkles at the same time! It's really a one stop shop, and they always make me feel welcome. Would recommend Vitaus to anyone! 

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I was skeptical about IPL hair removal. I had so many questions and heard how laser doesn't work, yet the team at Vitaus Medical walked me through the entire procedure, answered all of my questions, and the results are beyond my expectations! The experience has me recommending Ali at Vitaus to everyone I know wanting med spa services and considering taking advantage of their other services offered at the best prices in Austin. It's also convenient to have a multi-disciplinary office to get all of my health care needs met. I can visit with a family doctor, a chiropractor, and get med spa services to keep me looking my best.



Jim Shaw was a referral from another chiropractor and a great referral he was. Even with my significant degeneration Jim keeps me on my feet and on the go. If it were not for his skill and knowledge, I would surely have required surgery.
The constant pain was debilitating and more than just physically. Long term pain gives one a sense of hopelessness.  Jim Shaw changed my life. Being adjusted has always caused me apprehension but Dr. Shaw's calm, reassuring manner made me extremely comfortable. I now look forward to being adjusted and the relief that it provides is amazing. 
In addition to being a skilled chiropractor, his knowledge of alternative medicines, exercises is encyclopedic. Being a leader in the chiropractic field as well as an instructor puts him in contact with other top notch professionals. When he evaluated my son who has scoliosis, he had an excellent referral for a scoliosis specialist. 
Dr. Jim Shaw is a health provider of extraordinary skill, knowledge and resources.

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